Membands Subscription

Wear. Learn. Share.

For $60 ($5 a month) two Membands of the same verse will be delivered to your door. After you memorize and share the two Membands, we’ll send you two more bands in a different verse to learn and share with others.

Where are Membands?

Wear. Learn. Share.

The heart behind Membands is rooted in story from sharing your band with others. We would love to hear how Membands are shared in your community. Send in your story so we can place a logo on YOUR city.

Branson, Missouri

Membands are given out to campers at Kanakuk Kamps every summer.

Marion, Indiana

Membands are used by students at Kinwell Academy in Marion, Indiana.

Atlanta, Georgia

Membands have been worn and given away by members of his team at Reach Records in Atlanta, Georgia.

Seattle, WA

“I work at Amazon and Membands are a great way to start conversation with my co-workers/friends about Scripture.”

San Fransisco, California

At one of the largest YoungLife camps in America, Membands were used as a tool for hundreds who accepted Jesus as savior at the end of their week.

Gaylord, Michigan

Every year Membands are sold at the Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, Michigan. Membands are the perfect tool to fuel your conference merchandise.