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Membands was founded in 2015, but the idea stretched back to 2011 – my freshman year in college.

It’s now 2019, and the site is still live. As for the product, Membands still trickle out the door. I have never thought it wasn’t a great idea, because I know many are in need of God’s truth.

Moving forward, I will try and document the Membands story on a weekly basis:

The highs and lows, yes, but also as I ponder why God put this idea on my heart for so long.

If you’re reading this (and I have no idea who you would be), thank you for taking the time.


Author’s Note: This first blog post was prompted by a scare. Tonight, I received a warning that the site was down and unresponsive (not to sound over-dramatic about a website). But I went to the backend of the site, clicked some buttons and got it working again. For some reason, it made me think . . . it might be time I finally document the Membands story before it’s too late.

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