Those Who View Coffee, Social Media, or Something Sweet as Daily Necessity

Those Who View The Bible as Daily Necessity

Those Who Have Some, Little, or No Curiosity About the Bible

Those Who Have Some or Extreme Curiosity About the Bible

Information presented in the 2018 State of the Bible

How Membands Work

Flip the Memband Inside Out / Read the Full Verse Out Loud.

Flip the Memband Back / Recite Using the Acronym.

Repeat the Process / Ideally in the Shower - Can't Look at Social Media in There

Share with Anyone / Talkin' Neighbors, Strangers, Uncle Bob

What Others are Saying

“Everyone in our ministry wears Membands. Nobody who attends our services leaves without wearing one. I have seen countless lives touched by God’s Word written on these bands, and I’ve heard many stories about how believers have resisted temptation, remained encouraged, or shared the love of Jesus with someone through a Memband.”

“I’ve been working out with a group of men three times a week for six months. These men are leaders, fathers, and husbands in the community of Nashville. I gave them Joshua 1:9 Membands and after memorizing, many of them passed their Membands on to their kids and friends.”

“Our youth group girls took Membands over to the local firefighter station to encourage the men and women serving there. One of the firefighter starting crying after reading one of the Membands, he just lost a loved one and the verse was so encouraging to him.”

“My nephew purchased a couple of the Membands at the recent Big Ticket Festival in Gaylord, MI and absolutely loves them! What a great idea! He already memorized the two scriptures and can’t wait for more.”

“I love the idea of how Membands not only encourages us to have God’s Word written on our heart but it embraces the importance of sharing it with others. I mailed a Memband to my grandfather who I don’t get to see much. He said he had already memorized it and given to his pastor on Sunday.”


Will Severns started Membands as a student at Taylor University. Book Will to speak at your event, throw out Membands, and spread God's Word.